Our team

Our goal is to provide both the manufacturers we represent and the customers we service, with the highest level of partnership, professionalism and support - Truly making NorPac, A leader in Service.

Ryan Quinlan - Outside Sales

Territory - Northwest & Central Washington

Email: Ryan@norpacinc.com          

Office: 253-850-8800

Mobile: 206-450-5302

Kim Johnson - Office Manager / Customer Service

Email: info@norpacinc.com              

Office: 253-850-8800

20015 85th Ave S, Kent, WA
Phone: 253-850-8800
Fax: 253-850-7872

Email: info@norpacinc.com

Chris Box - Inside Sales / Customer Service

Email: sales@norpacinc.com        

Office: 253-850-8800

About us

Brian Botts - Outside Sales

Territory - Western Washington & Oregon

Email: Brian@norpacinc.com          

Office:  253-850-8800

Mobile: 253-831-9065

David Suther - Outside Sales

Territory - Southwest Washington & Oregon
Email: norpacdave@aol.com           

Office:  253-850-8800

Mobile: 503-437-0366

Order Entry

Email: Orders@norpacinc.com     

Office: 253-850-8800

Inside Staff

Patrick Roswell  - Warehouse / Customer Service

Email: customerservice@norpacinc.com     

Office: 253-850-8800


Tom Hagensen - President, Founder & Outside Sales

Tom started his career as a manufacturers’ representative back in 1981. After spending more than ten years with another firm, he founded NorPac, Inc. in 1992. Tom’s never ending goal to provide the manufacturers we represent and the customers we serve with the highest level of partnership, service and support is truly why NorPac, Inc. is called, 'A Leader in Service'.                                         

Territory - Wholesale Head Quarters, Eastern Washington, Panhandle Idaho & Alaska

Email: Tom@norpacinc.com  

Office: 253-850-8800     

Mobile: 206-730-9010

MAIN Office & Warehouse

Outside Staff

P) 253-850-8800

F) 253-850-7872


20015 85th Ave S Kent, WA 98031